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Coming soon to Double Play Movie Night on fubo Sports Network

Every Saturday night is Double Play Movie Night on fubo Sports Network. We serve up a pair of must-see sports movies for your viewing pleasure. Some are classics, some are new releases, all of them are home runs.

Here's what's coming up this Friday.

Saturday, April 11

• Long Time Coming: A 1955 Baseball Story. In 1955, when racial segregation defined the South, two groups of twelve-year-old boys stepped onto a baseball field in a non-violent act of cultural defiance that would change the course of history. 8:00PM ET/PM

• Being Evel. Millions know the man, few know his story. Academy Award-winning director Daniel Junge and producer Johnny Knoxville take a candid look at daredevil Evel Knievel, while reflecting on our voracious public appetite for heroes and spectacle. 10:00PM ET/PT

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