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Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas Has No Chill on fubo Sports Network

Hibachi! Gilbert Arenas is joining the fubo Sports Network team, and he’s coming in fired up with his own unique take on basketball and the NBA. Arenas, who famously goes by Agent Zero, and co-host Mike Botticello have been doing The No Chill Podcast since August 2018 and starting this May, No Chill will be making its television debut as the latest fubo Sports Network original.

Arenas, who retired from professional basketball in 2013, has been lighting up screens just as often as a sports broadcaster as he did when he was an NBA superstar. He hit it big in 2017, working on a daily sports show for the Complex News YouTube Channel. On his show, Out of Bounds, he and co-host Mia Khalifa covered the games, leagues and athletes but with their own unfiltered perspective.

Arenas’s career as an NBA superstar fuels a lot of his unique philosophies on the game. A pro for 13 years, Arenas played 12 of them in the NBA and spent one year overseas in China. During his career, he balled for the Golden State Warriors, Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies and Shanghai Sharks, but he is most well known for his time as an All-Star point guard for the Washington Wizards. As a superstar for the Wizards, Agent Zero was a dynamic offensive threat who generated headlines both on and off the court.

Starting Monday, May 4, catch all of Arenas’s stories, interviews and hot takes on No Chill. New episodes will premiere weekdays at 8 PM ET/PT on fubo Sports Network. As always you can stream it here at fubosportsnetwork.com as well as on Xumo, Roku Channel, TV Plus, and with a fuboTV subscription.